Gaming consoles of this year

It is a dilemma for many gamers that they are not aware of the best gaming equipment. Most of the gamers not only waste their money but also get crap which is not worth it. It is a known fact that gaming consoles are hard to buy for many and they save for months and plan to purchase the best. Proper market research and expert advice will not only save time but cost as well. There are many avid gamers online which should be contacted before making a move. They do help and give the best possible advice based on their gaming experience. Some of the best gaming consoles of 2017 are listed here:

PS4 Pro

This is not the only option when it comes to Sony or when the gamer turns out to be brand loyal. The best part is that Sony has released several versions of such gaming consoles. Slim edition and nonpro version are other choices which are also cheap if money is a hurdle. This awesome hardware piece has latest GPU integrated with it. There is no other console in the market that can stream the live gameplay in UHD quality and provide 4K graphics if offline play is being performed. With large storage device, PS4 is the best option available to gamers.


Though not as great as PS4 still it can provide the user with satisfaction level they are looking for. The brand name of Microsoft is also something which is very important and therefore again the brand loyalty jumps in. There are some factors in which this awesome gaming console surpasses PS4 such as the storage. The 2TB storage is all that a gamer needs to save the progress. The small size and ultra-lightweight are some of the advantages which are associated with this awesome hardware piece.

Nintendo Switch

If the gamer really does not have money to buy high-end equipment then Nintendo Switch is another option that can be availed. Just like other consoles, it can be attached to big screens and gameplay can be enjoyed there. However, the strangest addition is the graphics of this console. The highest resolution supported is 720P which is completely absurd. The console is hybrid and very few titles are supported. The fact of the matter is that this gaming console is a huge flop and should only be purchased if there is no cash in hand.

Nvidia Shield TV

The price of 150GBP might be considered high by some when it comes to specifications related. However, the games which are supported by this platform are very cheap and some are even free. The most expensive game on Nvidia platform costs the user about 10GBP which is close to zero when compared to other platforms. There are some games which can only be enjoyed on this platform and therefore it is a big plus as well. Though it is not as popular as other large names in the market still it provides value which for some is the sole reason for purchase.