Dec 2, 2013

Betting for the World Cup of Golf

The World Cup of golf hosted many of the top golfers will be was one of the biggest tournaments they faced.

The Word Cup of Golf was hosted a Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Australia.

Both Adam Scott and Jason Day took home the total winnings of $7million.  Continue reading »

Oct 7, 2013

Everest 2x$1500 bonus with

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Ps. You can always use Google translate if you’re keen to read foreign languages but don’t have that particular knowledge yet.

Aug 29, 2013

Ways to prevent your gambling from Spiralling out of control

Some people will never see the downsides to gambling and what it is actually capable of and there is no convincing and fair enough it’s their money they can do as they please but there are a few tips that can be implemented that will prevent you from spiralling out of control.

Firstly set your self a limit and your limit should be based around what you earn and what you can afford to lose. If you are earning say £2,000 a month spending just £100 pound a month on gambling is not going to affect you very much.  Continue reading »

Aug 29, 2013

Gordon Taylor the Head of the Professional Football Players’ runs up Gambling Debts of £100,000

Gordon Taylor, the Head of the Professional Football Players’ has been caught out having a gambling problem and for someone who is such a figure in the English footballing game, it is not a good look.

It has been alleged that he run up debts of more than £100,000. Continue reading »

Dec 14, 2012

Public Fight to keep Internet Gambling Illegal

In Washington there is a huge push to make gambling on the internet Legal but there is also a big campaign against it.

Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling said :”To see who’s going to make the most money off the backs of everyday American families.

“The folks opposing that are state lotteries because they see it as a threat to their business if the big national players like MGM and Caesars get into the online gambling business. So state lotteries want to see online gambling happening at the state level and they want to be able to control it.”

“What they really want to be doing is legalizing full-scale online casinos 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” he says. “Every smartphone, every computer, every dorm room in the country is going to be turned into a Las Vegas casino.”

We fully support Bernal and what he say has a lot of truth and it could put a lot of families into bad debt but we can see why people want to make it legal because does who gamble responsibly would like to have gamble over the internet but there are does who have bad addiction and by making gambling available on the internet it just feeds the addiction and make it worse.


Aug 3, 2012

He had it all and Threw it Away

This is a story of a man who fell under the addiction of gambling and threw away his life because of his addiction.

This guy was rather well off and had a family with a big house and four cars. Admittedly he had a little gamble now and then but nothing to serious that would affect his life if he had stopped.

As years went on his addiction grew and grew  and he soon began to gamble with thousands of pounds and before he knew it he couldn’t stop.

He began to isolate himself from his family to take time to gamble and eventually he found himself in debt with a drinking problem, Then one day everything was taken from him, his house his cars and most importantly his wife had left because of the gambling and he was left homeless with a huge debt on his head, he soon died from an illness in which alcohol could have contributed to his death.


May 28, 2012

5 reasons you shouldn’t gamble

Here are few reasons why you shouldn’t gamble, we have looked around the web to get you the best top 5 out there, I have used these tips as well.

Gambling causes stress

If you always win which I’m sure infrequently happens, gambling stresses a individual. You cannot say that you are peaceful or just playing because if you lost a significant amount of money, you will go home with an empty pocket plus a bad headache. Gambling is stressful in particular if you are in front of the machine and the bonus does not come out. So you will be left at the perimeter of your chair readily awaiting a bonus that will not come anyway and will only come out for the next player who will take your place if you depart the machine where you have by now deposited all your money.

Gambling ruins a family

Gamblers are tough to modification and what typically happens is that the gambler ends up having no family. Nobody wants to live with a gambler who is moody and who squanders money. So the result is the wife could either file for a divorce or just leave the gambling spouse. Many families have been tattered separately by gambling.

Gambling is a bad vice

Gambling is a terrible associate. It is similar to drug compulsion, smoking, and sex. Gambling is against moral values and it is abhorred by many public. No matter what some people reflect about gambling as one way of earning money, gambling is still a bad vice by moral standards.

Gambling is addictive 

If you do not have full control of yourself, you will most possible get addicted to gambling if your dream is to win big wealth. Many people think that they are just calming at primary but they end up enthusiastic to the vice. What hooks them is when they win for the first time. People gamble because of the money. If the person wins, he craves for more. If he loses, he wants to get back what he lost and so the cycle goes on and the person becomes obsessed.

Gambling makes people rude and moody

We have seen a batch of citizens who have been ethically changed by gambling. The vice makes a individual rude. The greed to win makes a person rude to people more or less him because his mind is occupied with the money he will win. Gamblers who are already addicted to the vice will not think of other people. They will only think of how to economics their vice and how to win back their lost capital.