Aug 3, 2012

He had it all and Threw it Away

This is a story of a man who fell under the addiction of gambling and threw away his life because of his addiction.

This guy was rather well off and had a family with a big house and four cars. Admittedly he had a little gamble now and then but nothing to serious that would affect his life if he had stopped.

As years went on his addiction grew and grew  and he soon began to gamble with thousands of pounds and before he knew it he couldn’t stop.

He began to isolate himself from his family to take time to gamble and eventually he found himself in debt with a drinking problem, Then one day everything was taken from him, his house his cars and most importantly his wife had left because of the gambling and he was left homeless with a huge debt on his head, he soon died from an illness in which alcohol could have contributed to his death.


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